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 XTC O.O.C. Code of Conduct.

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PostSubject: XTC O.O.C. Code of Conduct.   Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:03 pm

the O.O.C. Code of Conduct;

Most of the same guidelines that apply to the XTC community at large also apply here, with the sole exception of remaining in-character. The XTC administration asks users to refrain from giving out personal information.


The point behind including an O.O.C. category was to allow XTC members to express themselves and discuss common interests with other members of the community in a civil, hospitable manner. This does not include trading personal information or romance.


Always be civil, even if a debate/argument might pop up be sure to remain respectful and pose your opinion/point tactfully and nonconfrontationally. Anyone thought to be purposely antagonizing/trolling will be consequenced.

Clean Content;

This is a place for discussing interests, not erotica, pornography or any other offensive material. Offenders will be permanently banned from the XTC Legacy site.


The O.O.C. category has a zero-tolerance policy with spamming just like the roleplaying community, and offenders will be permanently banned as a result.
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XTC O.O.C. Code of Conduct.
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