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 Profession; Enchanting.

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PostSubject: Profession; Enchanting.   Wed Apr 22, 2009 6:25 am


Enchanters use their magical formulae to grant permanent augmentation to weapons, armor and other equipment. Enchanting requires the use of special ingredients that can only be gathered by disenchanting magical items. Using these ingredients enchanters can make items more powerful.

Enchanting is a higher-level Profession, thus requiring more work than most Professions. The enchanter does not generate items directly from the skill, but instead makes existing items better.

To attain higher levels of enchanting, enchanters often must repeatedly cast enchantments on their friends equipment, sell enchantments to other players, or offer free enchantments.

Another challenge for enchanters is gathering magic items to disenchant in order to gather the required enchanting reagents. Enchanting for a guild is typically the easiest since guild members send you items to disenchant. Another option is spending money to buy materials, buying trade skill items to disenchant, or using a high level character to try to find magic items to disenchant.

Additionally, enchanters must also work with other Profession masters to create a few other reagents required for enchanting.

Enchanter Levels;

There are five levels of enchanting: Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, and Master. You will need to work your way up the ladder to enable more powerful enchantments.
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Profession; Enchanting.
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